Sunday, April 27, 2014

Connected Educators


        Donald Graves’ reflected on the impact of energy and teaching in The Energy to Teach.  He said, “Teaching is an emotional rollercoaster.  Rollercoasters demand energy-high energy- and you need to know how to maximize what gives you energy and minimize what takes it away.”   In thinking about maximizing energy one cannot ignore the impact of such energizing events as attending conferences and participating in chats.  Both allow us to come together to reflect, refuel, and reenergize our teaching.   Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending the first annual connected educators meet up hosted by the Farmingdale School District, on Long Island. 

The sessions were planned in the a.m. and the afternoon evolved from an edcamp model. (Stay tuned for the EdcampLI and nErDcampLI news to follow).   I have learned from participating in #educoach ( a must chat for literacy coaches and fellow lead learners) I believe in sharing #eduwins.  Too often we hear about what isn’t working in education,  let’s talk about what is working…

An #eduwin inspired  by Dr. Bill Brennan  at #CELI14:  Coming together to: Connect. Learn. Share. -ACT.  Here are some reflections that I wanted to share:

"Harness the power of collective IQ- Twitter is a safe place to take risks as educators and suspend judgment- the idea takes center stage." - Ryan Scala

"Tech and our relationships push us further- a breeding ground for ideas." - Adam Bellow

"Learning is a community.  Learning is Life. We are all educating each other." Laurie Walsh

"We have to teach students to be managers of their learning.  The tools are out there to get them engaged."  Alejandro Rivera

On the power of connected educators: "Energy, rejuvenation, collaboration, possibilities- Unlimited." - Carol Varsalona "

"We have an obligation as educators to be connected and to share." Tom Whitby

I am a learner everyday.  I learn from the students and teachers that I work with.  I also learn from the amazing educators that I connect with on Twitter and in real life. These opportunities  allow educators to connect, learn, and share.   It is opportunities like these that give me energy.   #MyPLNRocks.  There are no experts. We are all learners.  Educators need to live and breathe learning lives. 
There is  a current of electricity that comes from staying connected on and off line.  Thank you for keeping the current LIVE. 


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